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Who is CU Underwater?

We are CU Underwater, Cedarville University’s underwater robotics team. Our project goal is to design and build an underwater robot to win the National Underwater Robotics Competition (NURC). We will be competing head-to-head with other teams to complete a series of tasks with our remote-controlled robot. Our team has built our robot from scratch. We brainstormed ideas, designed prototypes, and tested for issues before creating final components. This project is our mechanical engineering senior capstone project.

Meet the Team

Jared Ritzo

Team Leader
Meet with public relations, organize team and team meetings, assist team when they get stuck. Also designed parts for the robot in Solidworks as well as assembled most of the robot frame. Created a budget and gantt chart for team progressWrote Arduino code to test and run sensors as well as wired up arm to the arduino and coded and tested that for power consumption.

Ben Shultz

Developed the power and electronics systems on the robot and control station. Managed 3D printing processes and maintained the printers.  Programed robot flight code for X-Box 360 remote.Designed and built equipment for handling the robot.

Daniel Cavallaro

Daniel is the robot attachment expert. He has used SolidWorks to design and 3D print custom attachments to complete complicated tasks our robot will have to perform. He has also worked to ensure these attachments and their servos are waterproof.Daniel has been designated the rules expert and has been involved in the game strategy we bring to the competition.

Jackson Chairvolotti

Jackson worked to develop a strong frame for the robot, balance forces of thrust and drag, design canister for electronics to keep them dry, and many other components. Constructed much of the robot, designed testing set ups, and helped select materials to use for different components.Helped other members with their tasks.

Chris Tooill

Playing field fabrication.

Sarah Rhoades

Marketing and Communications Director; Develop a brand and marketing plan that fits team identity and is appealing to sponsors. Contact potential sponsors and instruct the team on fundraising strategy. Create content for team social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Noah Lukinovich

Website and Social Media Developer.

A National Competition

Embark on an extraordinary journey with CU Underwater as we plunge into the heart of the National Underwater Robotics Competition (NURC). This prestigious event challenges teams from around the world to design, construct, and operate state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Join us as we dive headfirst into the exhilarating realm of underwater robotics at NURC, where every moment is a test of skill, teamwork, and ingenuity.

NURC Website
  • High-Strength Frame

    Here's a condensed version of your description:The frame is constructed using aluminum angle bars connected with custom corner brackets, forming a cubic structure that provides ample space for mounting thrusters, cameras, and attachments. To stabilize and balance the robot while maintaining near-neutral buoyancy, re-bar weights and pool noodle foam are utilized.

  • The Trident

    Operating "The Trident," the robot employs a pitchfork-like arm to spear and extract "radioactive" rods from a trashcan, with the subsequent task of the main arm being to seize and relocate the rods into their designated crate.

  • Propulsion System

    The propulsion system comprises 8 thrusters: four for vertical movement and stabilization, and four angled for multidirectional motion, enabling comprehensive 3-dimensional maneuverability.